Sita Fidler

Sita Fidler is a photographer and graphic designer in Portland, OR. After studying humanities at Lewis & Clark College, she moved to New York to intern at Aperture Foundation and worked in publishing. Her work centers around themes of nostalgia, sentimentality, and the archive as an art form. Sita primarily shows her work now via risograph printing and zine-making. She is currently working on a zine which pairs this series of images with found objects from Mendocino and Fort Bragg thrift stores.

Mendocino High

In our late twenties, many of us are lonely – pursuing careers at the cost of moving away from loved ones and the comforts of familiarity. A week together in the small coastal town of Mendocino, California for the fourth of July offered respite and a return to the poetry of our younger days. We clung to the intimacy and tenderness that we discovered in this space.

To view more of Sita’s work please visit her website.

What We've Read!

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