Madeline Cass

Madeline Cass (b. 1993) is an artist based in Lincoln, Nebraska. She earned a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in photography from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her photography has been exhibited regionally and nationally. She is a poet, ethnobotanist and mycologist. Her work examines relationships between humans and nature.

liminal water

“liminal” — from the Latin limens, which means “threshold,” a place of transition, waiting, & unknowing.

imagine your body is no longer a body:
you are a molecule, vibrating silently
synonymously a single particle and an entire watershed,

you are lingering beyond invisible boundaries of earth’s atmosphere,
and for millions of years, you are asleep inside a glacier,
sculpting land-mass, graceful and careless,
oceanic, suspended / floating mostly subterraneously
inside the deepest crater of the ocean ;
no light touches you, no organism perceives you ;

you are transitory
disappearing into sidewalk cracks, into the roots of ripening dandelions,
a wandering vagabond
delivering notes-in-bottles and toxic waste to the Gulf of Mexico
a migratory bird, an immigrant, rootless

on tongues of beasts, beating as blood, clinging to breasts –
knowing how to touch an orchid / so it might bloom –

manufacturing weightlessness in collaboration with the sun,
fog caressing a bay

you are a flooded road in the desert,
the vomit of a turkey vulture, inside a snake’s eye
the proboscis of a dragonfly

creator, destroyer
worshipped by motherfuckers, by mystics and saints,
by pedophiles and peasants,
you cannot be possessed
humans have wars, you wreak havoc, you nourish

in abandon, they give themselves to you.

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