Emily Margarit Mason

Emily Margarit Mason is an artist living and working in New Mexico. She received her B.F.A. from Maryland Institute College of Art. Mason’s work denies realism by accumulating and compressing perspectives, ultimately confusing the assumed monocular lens the camera typically provides. Her work has been shown in Baltimore, New York City, Milwaukee, Kansas City and Santa Fe. She is inspired daily by the light, landscape, and magic that surrounds her.

water flora, 2016, 24″x30″

rippling, 2018, 11″x14″

set sun, 2016, 20″x30″

Shadows Through a Petal

In my ongoing series Shadows Through A Petal, I create momentary sculptural sets for the camera using photographic and organic materials. My work physically reimagines the perceived natural world from something seen to something felt, exploring how the multifaceted nature of experience might emotionally manifest. The process is physical both in and out of the studio. Collecting images and objects amongst nature, I then reassembles them into new compositions in the studio. Through all of this I create a permanent document of the impermanent. These delicate and constantly changing sets are reminiscent of fleeting shadows moving through a petal in the wind.

underneath, 2018, 20″x30″

composition I, 2018, 30″x40″

composition II, 2018, 18″x24″

rain sliver, 2017, 11″x14″

rock patterns, 2018, 30″x40″

cloud break, 2017, 20″x30″

backyard still life, 2017, 20″x30″

To view more of Emily Margarit Mason’s work please visit her website.