Svetlana Biryukova

Svetlana Biryukova (born in Moscow) is a photographic artist based in Leipzig, Germany. In 2017 she graduated from Ostkreuz School of Photography under Prof. Ute Mahler. She shoots primarily with medium format film, and exclusively with analog technology. Her work has been published and exhibited nationally and internationally.

vorhang / curtain

nacht / night

schnee / snow


What do we remember? why do we remember specific things, moments, even smells? What triggers memories?
In this work I reflect on my personal
memories, where subtle in-between moments have a greater importance than major events.
These seemingly single fragments yet produce
associatively a narrative frame with a lot of room for the viewer‘s personal
My memories are bound to a place
in the (Russian) middle of
I spent every summer
– 17 summers.
a place
where vast meadows meet a drunken river
where religion meets superstition
where a flying glowing soul and mermaids exist
each photo is a fragment
symbolic, abstract, concrete
mysterious, sorrowful and poetic.

poem written for “17 SOMMER”

das feld schläft
buschiges, zitronen-
gelbes meer
während du
schwimmst darin
dir den mund
überreif und klagend
deine augen
und die schafe
jagen sich selbst
schatten kommen
gehen wie herden
ist dieser tempel
in den du schlüpfst
wie unter deine lider
den du dir auf
dein herz tätowierst
kleine regenschauer
dahin, bis
jemand kommt
der dich sucht
es ist alles
schwarz um
diesen körper
dein lichtes, luftiges
hebt sich
Peggy Neidel, 2017

schein / glow // flying glowing soul


ikone /icon

schatten / shadow

orangen / oranges

gras / grass

wolf // a character from a Russian lullaby

kreise / circles // an alternative healing method


hand // orthodox sign of the cross

wald / forest

vogel / bird // symbolizes coming death

grab / grave // plastic flowers on graves is a common Russian practice

samt / velvet

To view more of Svetlana Biryukova’s work please visit her website.

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