Tod Kapke

Tod Kapke’s work is a reflection of influences from Tex Avery to Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Brothers Quay, and Joel-Peter Witkin. Experimenting has always been at the core of it. He is interested in the idea of process-oriented art, turning to photography as a way to test out these ideas quickly. The work has always been about the use of metaphor, handy crafts, and trick-of-the-eye whimsy. He is based in Denver Colorado and was a 2018 winner of PDN’s The Curator Award.


Every kid believes in the monster under the bed, the boogieman in the closet. When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I dreamt bigfoot was peeking in from outside my window. That dream hasn’t left me (nor have my tastes for Halloween candy and late-night creature features). Since then, I have set out to prove one thing– they exist.

To view more of Tod Kapke’s work please visit his website.

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