Nicholas Romano

Nicholas Romano is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY originally from South-Eastern Michigan. He went to school in Boston, MA for Film but found himself more drawn to analog photography practices while enrolled. Nicholas seeks to create a narrative to connect the spaces we inhabit with the mythologies behind them. He also works with personal projects about exposing himself and his own world without creating images of himself. A newly minted graduate, he has just finished his first project “Carry Your Failing Structure”.

Carry Your Failing Structure

When I was growing up the most important thing was getting out of my town. I knew I wanted to leave and when I finally did I missed home more than anything. This work is about the six months post graduation when I returned to my hometown. It deals with the idea of isolation being both positive and negative for the individual. Finding a happy medium between the two became a goal within the work as well as accepting the claustrophobic state of images. The images I have chosen I believe fully represent the idea of this project and encapsulate the feelings of moving home again; living in a place which once held everything, and now feels empty.

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