What We’ve Found – Text and Image

Greetings from the other side! It’s Julia Wilson, self-proclaimed text and image aficionado, at your service. Another month, another theme for our staff-curated exhibition, What We’ve Found.

November’s subject? Text and Image.

Julia Wilson, 2018

I’m asking artists to submit work, which blurs the line between visual and verbal languages, causing us to re-think how we consider image captioning and overall photographic interpretation. How do your images expand the narrative function of photography and open up unknown avenues of analysis beyond the depicted subject? This could take form as words photographed, post-processed collage, an unexpected caption, poem, or even implied language.  Maybe the image is erased all together. YOU DECIDE.

Take note of what our good photographic friend, Roland Barthes, wrote in his essay, The Rhetoric of the Image: “Today at the level of mass communications, it appears that the linguistic message is indeed present in every image: as title, accompanying press article, film dialogue, comic strip balloon […] we are still, more than ever, a civilization of writing.”

and remember, its FREE to submit! Deadline is November 29th!

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