Rachael Banks

Rachael Banks (b. Louisville, KY) is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Northern Kentucky University and is based in Covington, KY. She received an MFA in photography from Texas Woman’s University.

Rachael’s work focuses primarily on family dynamics, personal experience, and social subcultures. Her creative research draws from her conflicted state of identity within the state of Kentucky and neighboring regions. Rachael’s work is profoundly influenced by socioeconomic issues that are present in her home state and how it affects her familial relationships.

Rachael is an avid supporter of self-publishing, zines, and accessible art. She is often exploring ways to balance and incorporate her influence from punk ideology with contemporary pedagogical practices. Her work has been shown regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Between Home and Here

I am the oldest of three, but more like a mother than a sister.
I constructed a family of siblings, both real and assumed.
Between Home and Here addresses deeply internalized
guilt and the essence of loved ones.

This is a story about hating and loving where you are from.
It comes from doing anything to go back to a place that you left.

I left my heart in Kentucky and came back to find it.
The photographs are artifacts from my search.

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