Jackson Siegal

Jackson Siegal is an artist based in New York City working with photography as it relates and intersects with various media, including sculpture, drawing, painting, and text. Jackson’s work is informed by cultural history and the photograph as a piece of physical matter. Much of his work tries to grapple with the impermanence of the photograph in the digital age. As a result, his work often finds meaning in the use of varying methodologies, which aim to bring the photographic image into a new light. He is a graduate of the Bard College Photography Program.



In Devorah, I sought to deliver an image to a text I could only engage with through removal. Unable to read the original Yiddish memoir written by my great-grandmother, Devorah Schneider, I relied on a translation. Upon realizing that a photograph of the world could not properly illustrate the experiences I was reading, I decided to expose photographic paper beneath an empty enlarger, one with no negative. As the blank projections bled, grew, shrunk and glowed in my darkroom, I began to build an abstract language in dialogue with Devorah’s words.

To view more of Jackson Siegal’s work please visit his website.

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