It’s that holly jolly time again, and I’m here to spice it up right for y’all! Roasts, toasts, and another thought-provoking theme for the staff-curated exhibition – What We’ve Found. (FREE ENTRY!)

*Little drummer roll for December’s theme*: Family of Us

Dave at the end of Dallas Night Club – Kayla Story

The holidays are already upon us, and for many, that might mean lots of time with people we love or maybe people we just tolerate. There is an ever-growing dilemma between thinking of family as those we were born knowing, or family as those we pick along the way. This month, I’m asking all you wonderful photographers to show us your work concerning who you consider family. In our expanding global communities, it’s no longer a basic structure of Mom, Dad, Siblings (although it can be). From Larry Sultan’s icon images of his aging parents in ‘Pictures of Home’, to Nan Goldin’s work around her close community, which she called her “tribe.”

What does family look like to you? We want to see it! Give us your best image(s)!

Deadline is December 30th!

Happy Holidayz fellow Artists!


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