Stephanie Taiber

Stephanie Taiber lives and works in Chicago, IL. She received a BFA from the University of Arizona. As an artist, Stephanie creates visual connections between emotions and moments, exploring the tension between internal and external constructs of female identity. Influenced by Virginia Woolf, Stephanie’s work has been exhibited widely receiving several juror’s awards and is itself narrative in nature while remaining suggestive and minimal. A 2017 Finalist for the Summer Fresh Exhibition at Klompching Gallery in New York, Stephanie was recently named one of the 2018 Review Santa Fe 100 Photographers.

She Would Get The Flowers Herself

Dispairing of Human Relations



In Resonance, I am interested in the conflict that arises between internal and external constructs of female identity. Influenced by my own experiences as a woman, daughter, wife, and mother, I explore inner tensions that result when social representations of these roles challenge personal narrative, and the transformative nature of self perception that inevitably occurs with time. Rhythmic patterns of self-reflection on worth, vulnerability, and power and a chronology of moments resequenced according to impact reveal a natural oscillation between intimacy and aloofness, longing and withdrawal, time and space, then and now. I call upon a veneer of vulnerability and conventionality as a purposeful appliqué in protecting one’s own privacy though out the lifelong process of needing and being needed. Inside this space sexuality and strength emerge outside a framework of prescribed behaviors designed to empower others.


It Rasped Her Though

Never To Be Content, Quite

At The Heart Of Life


Container For Rapture

Musings of Greatness

Some Propogation

Death of The Soul

The Moment


Tinge Like A Blush

Baring Flowers as Weapons

The Unseen Might Survive


She Did Things Not Simply

A Sudden Revelation

To view more of Stephanie Taiber’s work please visit her website.

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