Tamar Granovsky

Tamar Granovsky is a Boston-based photographer. In 2018 she was named LensCulture’s Top 50 Emerging Talents. She has been included in various juried group exhibitions including the 5th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Barcelona, Photography Now 2017, at the Center for Photography in Woodstock, and the 22nd Juried Show: Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition at the Griffin Museum. Prior to her career as a photographer Tamar had several solo and group exhibitions in mixed media sculpture installation in Canada and was a recipient of a Canada Council Exploration Program Grant. For fifteen years, Tamar worked as the Archivist Head at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. Her great love for photography is inspired by her passion for travel.

This Miracle


Bahia State, Brasil. (2015 – )

This Miracle is a personal exploration into the human landscape of Brasil’s Bahia State. It offers a small view of a complex place where people struggle daily to survive and are sustained by core family values, religious practices, and the unifying, ephemeral spirituality of saudade – an ache for something long gone or yet to come. The glimpses of joy I witnessed there contrasted sharply with the stark sense of abandonment I perceived lurking just beneath the surface. This pervasive mood of sadness at having been forgotten draws me into a paradoxical feeling of coming home, despite being a stranger. It is a mirror in which I am reflected.

The work is a montage of related images that, together, look at the mysteries of life; in an immeasurable way it unveils the common threads that bind us as individuals – memories, connection, family, home, and longing.

I search for links and photograph what touches me. This Miracle represents my understanding of this evocative and poignant place – of what is, as well as what seems, there

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