What We’ve Found – Year of the Pig

Welcome to the New Year! And what a year we can hope it will be. With all great annual traditions, we prepare for change, feed in times of wealth and reflect together in times of loss. There is likely no more appropriate emblem for 2019 than THE YEAR OF THE PIG, the last of the 12 Chinese zodiacs and the symbolism is rife. So, what better way to kick this year off than with an Orwellian homage of where we are now and what’s to come?

Rob MacInnis: The Dog & Pony Show

The pig is a symbol of good fortune and equally so of greed. We’ll leave it to you to show us your paradoxical and symbolic interpretations, but we like a challenge, so have at it. Looking forward to seeing into your worlds and happy year of the pig!

Deadline is February 26th!

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