What We’ve Found – Year of the Pig

This month we asked you to look forward into the year of the pig and tell our futures, the result would have inspired George Orwell himself. Our emerging techno-environments and constructed landscapes are completely reformed by human intervention and there is no point of return, only the collective instinct to move forward. We over-harvest, consume and dominate the natural world, maybe as an assertion of power but definitely as a means of retaining a status quo.  In the end, we are all equal but some are much more equal than others and our capacity for destruction sets the precedent for the future to come.

This is selection is curated from submissions and images from our website.

Thank you to everyone who submitted! Be sure to check out our next months call for entry, ‘The Interior’!

What We've Read!

At Aint-Bad we are dedicated to photography and printed matter. From our magazines to our artist monographs, the printed page is what we live for. Each month we will gather books that catch our eyes and build an online library with the hope to inspire and support fellow bookmakers out there.