Kelli Pennington

Kelli Pennington is a photographer, educator, and curator living in Portland, Oregon. An avid traveler and observer, Kelli teaches photography with lessons rooted in the belief that as we frame a photograph, too can we frame the relationship that we have with our own existence.  Keli earned her MFA from Syracuse University in 2010. She is a founding member of “Small Talk Collective”, formed in Portland, Oregon in 2015. Small Talk is comprised of seven women, who explore the nature of what it means to be a visual storyteller.


Liminal explores the seasonal passing of time and aging. A carefully crafted view of an examined life, as two peoples lives merge together and as a family grows apart over time. These images play with the notion of perception and perspective, and the belief that as one idea frames a photograph, so too can it frame a relationship to one’s own existence. Kelli’s photographic process is guided by the pursuit of the meaningful convergence where light, form, and memory become a singular entity. In these images, she documents from one daily routine to the next.

To view more of Kelli Pennington’s work please visit her website.

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