Ian Sherlock Molloy

Ian Sherlock Molloy creates photographs and audio depicting the places he lives, and those closest to him. The small yet profound interactions that he documents amounts to short form works akin to poetry. Intimacy, notions of beauty, and sentimentality drive his creative process. Physical media such as small fine prints and books are paramount in the consumption of his projects. Ian currently lives in Eugene, Oregon where he is an MFA candidate at University of Oregon.


Perennial documents distance – emotional and geographic – between a loved one and myself. Images of our time together are paired with unfamiliar terrain. These captured moments forge differing connections between love and life, while exploring the cyclical experience of intimacy, connection, and distance. Perennial is a process of reshaping relationships with the people closest to me and the land that I inhabit.





To view more of Ian Sherlock Molloy’s work please visit his website.

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