Katie Severson

Katie Severson is a photographer living and working in Milwaukee, WI who went to school at MassArt in Boston. Her photography is inspired by travel and finding beauty in the mundane. Katie’s images are a mix of portraits and landscapes with a focus on the singular, and she shoots medium format film as well as digital. When she is not behind the camera you can find her in the kitchen developing new recipes.


This body of work was inspired by the very recent death of my grandmother. Growing up, I only saw my paternal grandparents once a year. They live in a small town an hour north of Green Bay, WI and have a cottage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As I got older, I developed a fondness for the town and have been itching to photograph it. After my grandma’s death, I spent six days surrounded by family and her memory in the two houses that she shared with my grandpa. These images are a reflection of their life together in the places they loved most as well as images of my grandpa learning to live without her.

To view more of Katie Severson’s work please visit her website.

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