What We’ve Found: Death

We are back with another What We’ve Found call for entry! This month’s theme is: Death

Image: Rylan Steele

This month’s theme is inspired by a new photo book project from our good friends at KG Projects and Humble Arts Foundation. On Death is currently available for pre-order, consider grabbing a copy.

This month we are thinking about Death, the end of life, the passing of time. No, we do not want to see your horror stills or gruesome documentary work, but more so your conceptual images related to the passing of time, and to the end of time. Life is a fragile and fascinating thing. We all have an end date on this planet. How do we deal with this fact? How do we, as photographers, choose to address this subject and present it to the world? Is this something that we ignore, or do we confront it head-on?

Please follow submission guidelines closely – we are looking for just one to three solid images from each artist so let us see your best work! So Dig through your archives and your hard drives. Submit no later than September 25th in order to be considered for this month’s What We’ve Found!

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What We've Read!

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