Erika Suarez

Erika Suarez is a photographer currently living and working in Fort Worth, TX. She is currently attending the University of North Texas for her BFA in photography. Her work deals with themes of the passage of time, living spaces, and questions of identity as it relates to her Hungarian and Nicaraguense heritage. Suarez has been featured in exhibitions at The Daughtery Arts Center, Laguna Gloria Center for the Arts, The University of North Texas Galleries, Austin Community College, The Greater Denton Arts Council, and The Kramer Gallery. She was also the recipient for The University of North Texas Project Grant Fund in 2018.

Csálad (Family)

In order to explore the ever-changing dynamic between individuals that are in complex and multi-layered relationships, Erika Suarez is focusing on those closest to her. She first began this project by studying her relationships with her parents, siblings, and grandmother, who only visit when the weather changes. She executed these images by examining recognizable behaviors and traits that were of interest to her. During this time, the creation of Suarez’s own identity came to light, as she saw many similar reflections of herself in her family. By allowing her private experiences to dictate the perspective, Suarez found herself doing more internal self-exploration. In this ongoing body of work, Suarez continuously highlights themes that examine the passage of time, and the spaces within the home that continue to serve as places of emotional attachment to her subjects.

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