Raegan Bird

Raegan Bird (b. 1995) currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts. Through photographs, writing and drawings, Bird archives her own observations in an attempt to recognize personal patterns. Raegan’s work was recently been exhibited in we like small things v.2 , Filter Space, Chicago; Too Tired Project pop-up show, Center Santa Fe and Sofia Lee: Digi-tal Life, MAMA Zagreb, Croatia. Raegan’s work has appeared in C-41, on Spin.com and she is a frequent photo contributor to Hobart Pulp and New York Tyrant Magazine. Bird completed her BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2017. She is currently finishing a book project and has work forthcoming in PETS, an anthology published by Tyrant Books (September 2019).

Tear in the Shade Cloth

“Not alone is love the desire and pursuit of the whole. It is one of the passions of the mind. Furthermore, if among a perfect mélange of meanings there is one which has more immediate appeal, as among the contents of a pocket one item is a peppermint, it will assume a center like the sun and require all others take their docile turn to go around.”

– William H. Gass, On Being Blue

Tear in the Shade Cloth is an on-going fixation on the poetic sensibilities of light and the transformative sensitivity of those under it. The photographs seek to recognize patterns that occur through intuitive listening and how those observations go on to inform growth and adaptation. For the past two years I have been working on organic farms. The work has led me to pay close attention to cycles of light, becoming more sensitive in anticipation to environmental changes. I am also inspired by how periods of harsh conditions are met with internal or external reworking, be it a change in nutrient regimen, going dormant, building a cold frame, etc. Through note-taking, fantasizing and fashioning I am attempting to mimic this work pattern in my personal experiences, looking for signs of what needs to be cared for and preserving moments at their ripest.

To view more of Raegan Bird’s work please visit her website.