Elicia Fraga

Elicia Fraga was born In Irving, TX in 1998 and is currently attending the University of North Texas studying to receive her BFA in Photography. Her work focuses on and questions the concept of identity, and how one can transform themselves through appearance and performance. Elicia has has been featured in exhibitions at UNT Galleries, ArtHAUS, MILLEPIANI gallery, and Specto art space. She will have her BFA show in spring of 2020.

Cowgirl Intimacy

Cowgirl Intimacy is a series that touches on the feelings of vulnerability, sexuality and being intimate with one’s self and the spaces around them. The photographer uses the camera as a tool to explore her many forms, capturing fleeting moments of living in a fantasy world she has created for herself. She travels from her room to the outdoors on an expedition to connect with these places she views as sacred.

To view more of Elicia Fraga’s work please visit her website.

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