Koos Henning

In his free time Koos Henning (1984, The Netherlands) loves to roam the streets. He has a special interest in topics such as privacy in public spaces and the balance between privacy and security interests. Recently, Koos was a participant of the Magnum Photos Photography workshop in Paris with the American documentary photographer Matt Black, the works from which were printed in a final publication ‘The World & I’.

Paris, after November 2015

‘Paris, after November 2015’ is an exploration of the way Parisians consciously and unconsciously move through public spaces after the 2015 terrorist attacks. The city’s way of life changed, at least for a while, with empty terraces and reluctant public transport commuters. As an outsider it seems Parisians have overcome these tragic events, although maybe in reality this didn’t happen, at least not to a full extent. Do people (unconsciously) change the way they think, feel, go-about their daily lives? And is less privacy the price that is paid for more (perceived) safety?

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