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St. Patrick’s Day in
Savannah, Georgia

It’s that magical time of year again. The fountains are green, the beer is green, and there is a lovely dusting of green pollen covering every car hood and street sign. Yes friends, St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Who’s ready for an Irish Carbomb!? Most editors of Aint–Bad have spent at least one St.

Max Knight

Max Knight is a self-taught landscape and portrait photographer, born in London, England – now residing in Los Angeles, California. He is interested in the little stories that surround us and looks to elevate the ordinary in the everyday. Over the last eight years, Max has done everything backwards as photography accidentally went from hobby

Adam Smith

Adam Smith is an artist living and working in Seattle, Washington. Employing photography, painting, and collage, Adam is primarily interested in exploring the tensions that arise from the dichotomy between our connectedness to one another as humans and our simultaneous solitary experience as individuals. His work has been exhibited nationally at the Newspace Gallery in

Anna Broujean

Born in 1987 in Paris, Anna Broujean graduated from the French National School of Photography in 2015. Multifarious artist, her work is stamped with humor and mixes several mediums such as photography, text, sound, sculpture and installation. Kitsch lover, compulsive images collector, personal and institutional archives give rise to an inexhaustible stories material. Part of

Michael Tierney

Michael Salvatore Tierney is a Los Angeles based photographer. Tierney’s photographic work deals with space and place, temporal and physical, hybrid cultures, and the hypothetical concept of a Ecumenopolis- a city made of the whole world resulting from a fusion of urban areas and megalopolis forming a single continuous worldwide city. Tierney has been continuously

Evie Metz

Evie Metz is a photographer currently living in Baltimore, Maryland. Through her photographs she disappears behind the cloak of her camera, seeing and recording in a diaristic way. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary disappears, as she photographs portraits of an already existing poetry, often overlooked. Evie’s pictures feel honest and sincere, with a type

Constance Thalken

Constance Thalken is a photographer based in Atlanta, GA. She received her MFA in Photography from Yale University and a BFA in Psychology from Barat College. Her work has been featured in over 100 exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including the San Diego Art Institute (CA), the New Orleans Museum of Art (LA), The Light