What We’ve Found:
Your Pretty Face!

David Molle

Hey, We’re excited to introduce the next theme for our monthly curated web post on Aint-Bad – What We’ve Found. We’re expanding the potential to have your work recognized and admired – we’re thrilled.

So, what’s the next theme? Self Portraiture and/or Selfies! 

In honor of our past issue Self-ie, we want to see more of your pretty faces. We want to see how you present yourself in front of the camera. You can submit any form of self-portraiture (yes, that includes images made with selfie sticks, Cindy Sherman knock-offs, whatever.) We know it’s a really broad theme, and we kinda like that. Plus, we KNOW you’ve got at least sixteen selfies from last weekend at your favorite bar…you know, when you looked really good.

Dig through your hard drives, archives, whatever, and submit work that you feel fits within the given theme / concept. That’s all you need to do! No artist statements, no social security numbers, tax records, etc. All we want is a nice, relevant photograph or two. Oh, and your name and website. It’s that simple!

In one month, the submissions will be curated into a post with a statement and exploration of the work through the themes. Its like a little online gallery (without the wine).

We’ll let you know if you’ve made it into What We’ve Found by November 25th!


Issue No.13 – Call For Entry!

Alan Rothschild
The Do Good Fund
Columbus, Georgia

Aint–Bad No. 13 Call For Entry is officially open! We are teaming up with a new group of guest curators and editors from all over to collaborate on a publication that seeks the best contemporary photography being made today! Learn more about each of these talented curators and submit today!

Alan Rothschild is the founder of The Do Good Fund, a Georgia-based nonprofit focused on buiding and exhibiting a collection of contemporary photography from the American South. Alan is past chair of the boards of The Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA, and The Columbus Musuem, Columbus, GA.

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