What We’ve Found: Women

Peyton Fulford

Hey, remember us? We’re baaaack! SO excited to introduce the next theme for our monthly curated web post on Aint–Bad – What We’ve Found. We’re expanding the potential to have your work recognized and admired – we’re thrilled.

So, what’s the next theme? WOMEN. 

Sorry men, but this call for entry is specifically for the ladies. If you’re a female-identifying photographer, we want to see work that represents your femininity, how are currently navigating the world, how do you identify within society’s definition of a woman? Does your gender dictate the way you view the world and how you photograph it? Is there such thing as a female gaze?

These are just a few of MANY questions we’d like to explore. Call your mom, your sister, your friends, have a conversation, make photos about it

Dig through your hard drives, archives, whatever, and submit work that you feel fits within the given theme/concept. That’s all you need to do! No artist statements, no social security numbers, tax records, etc. All we want is a nice, relevant photograph or two. Oh, and your name and website. It’s that simple!

Please follow the submission guidelines CLOSELY. If you fail to send the correct formatting/information, your work will not be considered.

In about one month, the submissions will be curated into a post with a statement and exploration of the work through the themes. Its like a little online gallery (without the Hors d’oeuvres).

We’ll let you know if you’ve made it into What We’ve Found by December 31st!



Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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