Call For Entry

~ ISSUE NO.14 ~



For our next annual issue, the Aint–Bad editorial team is taking the curation into our own hands. We are excited to invite all lens-based image-makers, visual artists, and photographers of all ages, backgrounds, and influences to submit. The possible outcomes are limitless.

While there is no specific subject matter or theme for this issue, we do invite you to get lost in our archive of visual artists that we have shown on both our website and in print which can be found online. This will give you a clearer idea of how your photographs might make a perfect match for this next issue.

Aint–Bad No. 14 will act as a visual dictionary of the best in contemporary photography today.

This year we are excited to offer our Editor’s Choice award of $500 to one photographer whose work stands out to our editorial team!



Submission Deadline
May 6th, 2019




What are the file size requirements? These requirements are listed on the upload page, but you can find them here as well.

– Submissions uploaded with incorrect image sizes will be deleted.

– If the photograph is a LANDSCAPE format the WIDTH from left to right should be 800px at 72dpi, sRGB, jpeg format.

– If the photograph is a PORTRAIT format the WIDTH from left to right should be 800px at 72dpi, sRGB, jpeg format.

– The WIDTH of the image, from left to right, regardless of the format being LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT need to be 800px at 72dpi, sRGB, jpeg format.

– Label the files with your name and numeration. (Example: firstname_lastname_1.jpg)

How much does it cost to submit?
Photographers can submit up to twenty photographs for $40.
Current Students (must be currently attending university) can submit up to twenty photographs for $30.

Why is there a fee to submit to this call?
We ask each photographer to pay a submission fee in order to help with the costs of printing and designing this publication. Printing ain’t cheap! Aint–Bad strives to use the best materials available to create a publication that is a work of art in itself. 100% of proceeds collected from this call for entry will be used to produce this issue of Aint–Bad Magazine. All selected print artists will receive a free copy of the magazine. All other applicants will receive a discount code to purchase copies.

Can I submit more than one project?
Yes! However, each submission fee is valid for ONE body of work. We want to see your strongest body of work. If you feel that you need to submit a second body of work, you may do so by paying another submission fee and submitting a different project.

When will I be notified if I am selected for this issue?
All selected artists will be notified by mid-June and a list of selected artists will be emailed to ALL applicants. Photographers that are chosen for this issue may be required to answer interview questions from our editorial team.

What is the Editor’s Choice award?
The Aint–Bad Editor’s Choice award is a new award for 2019! This $500 reward will be given to a photographer who stands out amongst all others to our editorial staff. This Photographer will be voted on in-house and after a winner is selected, they will be notified via email. This photographer will be included in the print magazine. Payment will be mailed via check during the summer of 2019.

What happens if I am not chosen for print?
If you are not for print, your work will have an opportunity to be published on our website as an article or interview. You will be notified via email if your work is chosen for an online feature.

Can I submit a collaborative project?
Yes, you can submit a project that has been created by yourself and other artists. Please submit under the name that you would like to appear in print if you are selected.