What the f**k are we doing?

Happy fourth of July, or Canada Day, Bastille Day, or what have you! It’s time to have street parties and barbeques and get ragingly shitfaced to celebrate the plethora of freedoms that were fought for and won decades ago and are currently in question again. I don’t know what the fuck is going on but I’m not enjoying the news and constant questioning of human rights violations. These rights were fought for, agreed upon and have been legally established since the 60’s, why are we infringing them when there are actual global threats that are imminent?  Is it a distraction, catharsis, ignorance? As you can probably tell I’m a bit of a downer at parties but once you have woken up from the haze of hangovers can you please pick up your camera or search through your archive for some perspective because there is nothing quite like the paradoxes of our present political existence and it needs to be addressed.

So what’s the next theme? Politics. Propaganda. Oligarchy. Name this open call what you will, I’m just looking for insight, I want to know what the fuck you think we’re doing.

Deadline is July 31st

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