OrganizationSad Bird Books
TitleSingle-Image Narrative (Final title TBD)

Considering the nature of photography as narrative, this zine will focus on the theme of single-image narratives. Photographs that tell a story within a single frame, utilizing the formalities of the medium and storytelling tropes to tie together a cohesive story. Photographs that work well on their own, hold a presence and make the viewer forget about their surroundings. As photography functions much like poetry or the novel in many cases, this zine aims to curate short stories through a collection of writing responding to the photographs within the sequence.

For this zine, the call for artists will be in two parts: this first round will be a call for photographers and other lens-based artists to send up to three images that they believe fit the theme of this call. The collection of the images will be curated prior to the call for writers, who will then respond to a random photograph sent to them from the collection. The response will be included as a counterpart to the photograph in the zine. The selected photographers will not see the response until published, and the selected writers will only see the one image they are sent to respond to. Photographers may also submit to the writing call for entry (please do not submit to the writing portion until that call for entries has been posted).

Upon completion of the zine’s photo sequence and writing responses, the zine will be printed through Blurb and will be available as an open edition for a limited time frame. The price per zine will be announced upon completion of the zine.

Call for writers will be announced after the photographers have been picked. Please do not send writing samples until the call for writers has been announced.

Requirements / Eligibility

18 years or older working in lens-based, still-image media working in any location. Limit 3 images per submission, only still-image lens-based work will be accepted.


Send an email to Sad Bird Books (contact listed above) with the subject as “Single Image Narrative Submission” and a zip or individual attachments of the images submitted. Note: submissions that do not meet these criteria will not be considered. If your work is accepted, you will receive an email asking for higher-resolution files for printing (specific format details will be provided).

Format for email:
Subject Line: Single image narrative Submission

Your name
(how you wish to be presented), age

Instagram, twitter, and/or website address

Images: Image format: .jpeg, maximum 5 megabytes per file, adobe RGB or sRGB

  1. Title, year

  2. Title, year

  3. Title, year

PLEASE NAME YOUR FILES as: lastname_firstname_title.jpg

We look forward to seeing your submissions.

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