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Rodrigo Sombra

Rodrigo Sombra was born in Ipiaú, Brazil, in 1986. His work has appeared in multiple publications in Brazil and abroad, including De Greif, Folha de São Paulo, O Globo and Carta Capital. In 2012, he joined the group exhibition “Uma Visita Ao Benin – Fotografias de uma Viagem,” dedicated to the country of Benin, Africa,

Jeremy August Haik

Jeremy August Haik is an artist and writer. His work has been exhibited most recently at Aperture Gallery, NY; Foley Gallery, NY, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam; Newspace Center for Photography, Portland; Cindy Rucker Gallery, NY; PCNW, Seattle; Michael Matthews Gallery, NY; The Camera Club of NY, and Guest Spot, Baltimore. His writing and photography has

St. Patrick’s Day in
Savannah, Georgia

It’s that magical time of year again. The fountains are green, the beer is green, and there is a lovely dusting of green pollen covering every car hood and street sign. Yes friends, St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Who’s ready for an Irish Carbomb!? Most editors of Aint–Bad have spent at least one St.

Kevin O’Meara : Second Best

Kevin O’Meara (b. 1987) is a photographer and fine artist Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is largely self-taught, picking up information through his grandfather, a lifelong NPPA photographer, and through conversation with other artists. He has shown work in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Los Angeles and has published multiple photo books. Today we are going to dive into

What We’ve Found: Color

Hey, We’re excited to introduce the next theme for our monthly curated web post on Aint–Bad – What We’ve Found. We’re expanding the potential to have your work recognized and admired – we’re thrilled. So, what’s the next theme? COLOR.  You may be thinking ‘what’s the big deal, color photography has been around for a while.’  We’re all familiar with William Eggleston’s

Lily Brooks

Rarely do we see people in Lily Brooks’ work, but there is little else we tend to think of when looking over her photographs. They recall Walker Evans’ proclivity to see idiosyncrasy in everything, banal and grandiose, quotidian and spectacular. And like William Christenberry’s work, the presence of people seems to saturate each bit of

Kelsey McClellan

Today we’re honored to share a collection of images created by Kelsey McClellan in collaboration with Michelle Maguire. The two have worked on numerous projects including a  cook book for Jeni Britton Bauer. Kelsey McClellan is a photographer based in San Francisco, CA. Raised in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, her work explores the humor and calmness