Cary Fagan : Unfinished Book of Words


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Born in Arizona and now based in Houston, Cary Fagan is an artist whose work transcends the boundaries of any one artistic form. Starting out as a photographer and filmmaker, Cary was drawn to analog film at a moment when the rise of digital technology seemed unstoppable. There is a timelessness in Cary’s work that goes beyond its analogue format; at its core, he hopes that people “will gain insight to what they are going through and how they relate” when they look at it.


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Title :
Unfinished Book of Words

Text By:
Cary Fagan & Mia Harrison

Details :
Edition Size 300
9″ x 7″, 96 pages,
Hard Cover, Swiss Bound
ISBN : 978-1-944005-46-7
Published by : Aint–Bad
Spring 2021


About :

Cary’s explorations into notions of ‘time’, ‘memory’ and how we form connections with one another have segued into other artistic mediums. A curiosity about the anthropomorphic characteristics of chairs led Cary to what he calls ‘chair sculpting’. These experimental sculptures resulted in a life-changing residency at Arts Itoya in Takeo, Japan (2019), an exhibition at the Numeroventi artist residence in Florence, Italy (2019), and a takeover of MFA Houston’s Instagram page (2020). In June 2020, Chairs Are People was registered with a trademark; as Cary puts it, “an empty chair is a space for possibility.”

Last year, I wanted to write a book but was stifled with the idea of completing one, then i realized not all things have to have a complete ending; this is how i wrote a book. the book’s design came to mind when receiving a book as a gift from @jazzimcg last year titled “Modern Japanese 2nd edition. this book was written by Mieko S Han. Mieko S. Han was language-obsessed and made significant contributions to the studies of Korean and Japanese phonetics during the 1960s and early 1970s. Dr. Han published landmark research still cited today, and was a founding professor of USC’s East Asian Languages & Cultures department. She dedicated her life to teaching the Korean, Japanese, and English to students in America and abroad. @miaimaniharrison joins me as we engage in a conversation of self.