Land Star : Polaroid #141


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LAND STAR will contain images from the American South that he has been making over the last few years. The book will be released in the Fall of 2017, in the meantime, check out a selection of one of a kind Polaroids from Richard that we are selling! Each Polaroid is unique and one of a kind. Grab your favorite shot before someone else does!


For the past three years, I have photographed almost exclusively with a 1960s era Polaroid land camera. I am interested in photographing temporary, obsolete, abandoned, and derelict sites. This series of color Fuji – FP100C instant prints are part of an ongoing photography series titled – LAND STAR. I see the buildings and signs in the LAND STAR series as “ready-made” artifacts of American vernacular folk art. I am interested in mixing image and text, color and scale, light and form.

The simplicity of the instant film process is the latest in my exploration of art making through analog technologies. I create what I call “make do art” – creating images with the most basic and simplest of materials and means. I employ outdated analog technologies as a counter to the super slick technologically complicated digital photography of today. The scale and the “unique” print – inherent to the instant film process, set my current photographic work apart from current trends in contemporary photography

LAND STAR reflects my interest in how car culture and the road have shaped the American dream and mythology. I am interested in using the camera as a tool for preservation – documenting objects and things before they disappear. These photographs represent a perfect world of saturated color that exists within a parallel universe, far from the complicated, hyper-digitized, and gentrified world of today.


Biography :

Richard McCabe was born in Mildenhall, England and grew up in the American South. He received an MFA in Studio Art from Florida State University in 1998. That same year he received a fellowship to the American Photography Institute, National Graduate Seminar at New York University. Over the last 19 years he has lived and worked in New York City and New Orleans, Louisiana. His art has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout the United States. Mr. McCabe works primarily in photography, painting, and installation art. Currently, Mr. McCabe is the Curator of Photography at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, Louisiana.

For the past three years, McCabe has photographed exclusively with a 1960s era Polaroid Land camera and Fuji instant film. In December 2014, McCabe had a solo exhibition – Once Around the Sun – Instant Photographs by Richard McCabe, at Boyd Satellite Gallery, New Orleans.