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Phil Jung

Phil Jung was born and raised in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York. Jung received a BFA in Photography from The San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His artwork has been featured in numerous publications including The Boston Globe, Incandescent, The Photo Review, Mossless, and

Dana Mueller

Dana Mueller was born and raised in Thuringia, East Germany until the fall of the Berlin Wall. She received her MFA in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art + Design. Mueller currently teaches at the Massachusetts College of Art + Design, Lesley University College of Art + Design and Northeastern University College of Art,

Morgen Van Vorst

I met with Morgen Van Vorst through a class conducted by Andrea Modica at Maine Media Workshops + College. She received her BA in Anthropology and English at Mount Holyoke College. Her work has been exhibited in several group shows in New England. She is an MFA candidate in photography at Massachusetts College of Art and

Ke Peng & Justine Chang

Ke Peng (b. 1992, Changsha, raised in Shenzhen, China) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA and southern China. She is interested in how the different connect, and distinctions within similarity. The urge, burden and limitation of being in a specific space, as well as active looking is very important to her, while constantly thinking

Curran Broderick

Curran Broderick is an artist and educator currently living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. He earned his MFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. His work has been shown nationally in several different spaces that include: ClampArt, Chace Center Museum of Art, and Tilt Gallery. Broderick’s work is currently on display at Gallery Kayafas as the

Camilla Anne Jerome

Camilla Anne Jerome (1991) was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised on the North Shore of Boston. She recently received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography fromLesley University College of Art and Design (formerly the Art Institute of Boston). She is currently a working artist in the Boston area, while living in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Jerome’s personal work represents

Kyra Kennedy

Kyra Kennedy (b.1993) is a recent graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design photography department, where she was awarded the Foundation Auction Award. Since her graduation she has shown work at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and was also selected for the Fotofilmic ‘15 travelling show. She has been granted multiple scholarships to attend

Hollis Johnson

Hollis Johnson grew up in southern New Hampshire and is currently working in Boston, MA and New York. Hollis completed his BFA in photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the spring of 2015. Johnson has shown in galleries in San Diego, Portland, and Boston, as well as numerous online publications. His work investigates

Tova Katzman

Tova Katzman works in photo and video within various countries, climates, and environments. Her work often springs out of an excuse to interact with the people she encounters in new places. She grew up surrounded by water on the island of Martha’s Vineyard and currently resides in Jamaica Plain, Boston. She recently graduated from Massachusetts