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Luo Wang

Luo Wang was born in Nanjing, China. She is an interdisciplinary artist and art educator who currently lives and works in Illinois. Raised in Nanjing, a city associated with long and profound history, she has been always interested in the historical events and cultural dynamic. Influenced by her experience as a photojournalist in China, and

Wei Wang

Wei is a photo journalist and multimedia producer based in United States & China.  She is a self-starter, having learned photography through watching, trying, succeeding and failing – on the streets. Her work have appeared in New York Times, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Bangor Daily New and Beijing Evening News. Wei has also received Magnum

Ke Peng & Justine Chang

Ke Peng (b. 1992, Changsha, raised in Shenzhen, China) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA and southern China. She is interested in how the different connect, and distinctions within similarity. The urge, burden and limitation of being in a specific space, as well as active looking is very important to her, while constantly thinking

Derek Shapton

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Derek Shapton studied photography at Toronto’s Humber College, painting and drawing at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and philosophy and religion at the University of Toronto. Despite earning top marks in his studies, he quit school to pursue photography full time in 1998, and has since worked, as both

Yubo Dong

Yubo Dong graduated from Baylor University with degrees in Business, and focused his studies in photography during the past two years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Yubo was born and raised in China, and is currently working in Chicago. He is interested in the roll of commercialism and consumerism in our

Jasphy Yiran Zheng

Jasphy Yiran Zheng was born in southern China, 1992. After living and studying in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, she is now based in Providence achieving a BFA in Photography at Rhode Island School of Design. She is the recipient of the travel grant from Francesca Woodman Family Foundation in 2015. Her work has been exhibited internationally including

Feiyi Wen

Feiyi Wen was born and educated in Beijing, China. She studied photography at Beijing Film Academy. She’s an artist who works with different mediums such as photography, moving image, installation and sound art. She has recently graduated from Royal College of Art with an MA in photography, in London. Feiyi has consistently improved her artistic practice both academically and through engagement

Kai M. Caemmerer

Kai M. Caemmerer (b.1988) lives and works in Chicago, IL. His current work explores aspects of urban space and its perpetual development. He received his BA in photography from Western Washington University and will complete his MFA in photography from Columbia College Chicago in Spring of 2016. He has received recognition and support from the

Ann Woo

Ann Woo was born and raised in Hong Kong. She received her BA in Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and finished a certificate program at the International Center of Photography in New York in 2009. Her work has been the subject of numerous group exhibitions, including “NOW: Art in the 21st Century at Phillips

Zhang Kechun

Zhang Kechun, born in 1980 in Sichuan province, China. He now lives and works in Chengdu. He won the National Geographic Picks Global Prize in 2008, was nominated by Three Shadow Photo Award in 2012, nominated by Sony World Photography Awards in 2012 and 2013, nominated by the Prix HSBC Pour la Photographie 2014. 2014

Hua Weicheng

Hua Weicheng is a photographer based in Chongqing, China.  Born in Shaoyang, Hua studied at Beijing Broadcasting Institute before receiving his M.A. at Communication University of China in 2007.  Hua’s work has been exhibited extensively in China as well as the FORMAT International Photography Festival and the Syngenta Photography Award Exhibition in the United Kingdom. End

Pavel Tereshkovets

Raised up in a traveling addicted family Pavel began to make photographs already in his childhood. He travelled with his old soviet cameras a lot and visited almost all countries of Europe as well as former soviet countries, Israel, the Jordan, North Africa and the USA already by the age of 20. “The feeling of