Tag: Providence

Jesse Burke

Jesse Burke divides his time between personal art projects and commissioned work. A New England native, he currently lives in Rhode Island with his wife and their three daughters, Clover Lee, Poppy Dee, & Honey Bee. He received his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design, where he is a faculty member, and earned his BFA from

Ke Peng & Justine Chang

Ke Peng (b. 1992, Changsha, raised in Shenzhen, China) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA and southern China. She is interested in how the different connect, and distinctions within similarity. The urge, burden and limitation of being in a specific space, as well as active looking is very important to her, while constantly thinking

Scott Alario

Born in 1983, Alario earned a BFA in photography from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2006 and is a 2013 MFA candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design. Alario’s work has been shown in Bloomington, Indiana, Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, and in Reykjavík Iceland. He was the recipient of a Rhode Island