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Johnathon Kelso

Johnathon Kelso is an Atlanta based photographer documenting life in the South. His past work has concentrated on displaying various expressions of Christianity throughout the region. Kelso’s work has been featured by The Oxford American, CNN, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Photographs from his series, I Want to Die A-Shouting, are part of a permanent collection housed

Matthew J. Brown

Matthew J. Brown was born in Johnson City, Tennessee. He received his B.F.A from East Tennessee State University in 2015. He has been exhibited regionally and was most recently featured in American Photography and the upcoming first volume of Documentum. Today we share work from Matt’s series Orientation. Orientation Prompted by the three years I

Matthew Jessie

Matthew Jessie is a large format photographer from the small town of Rogersville, Tennessee. He currently lives in Johnson City, Tennessee where he received a BFA in Studio Art from East Tennessee State University. Matthew’s ongoing body of work Its Hills and Valleys presents images of his native East Tennessee and has been featured by

Shawne Brown

Shawne Brown was born and raised in Kingsport, TN. He studied photography with renowned teacher and photographer, Mike Smith, at East Tennessee State University, earning his MFA in 2008. His work has been featured in the Oxford American’s Eyes on the South series, as a finalist in FotoFilmic ’14, an international competition and traveling show,

Micah Cash

Micah Cash is a photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. His work examines how land use, landscapes, and their social histories influence cultural geography. Themes of ownership, demarcation, and utilization are explored across media. Cash received his MFA from the University of Connecticut and his BFA from the University of South Carolina. His work has

Aaron Hardin

Aaron Hardin (b. 1985) is an American photographer based out of Tennessee. His work focuses on the human condition in rural southern communities. Hardin is a graduate student in the Hartford Art School International Limited-Residency MFA in Photography program while working on long-form projects. Jackson  When people ask me where I live, I sheepishly respond

Diane Fox

Diane Fox is a Senior Lecturer in the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where she has taught photography and graphic design courses since 1998. Fox received her MFA from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and her BFA from Middle Tennessee State University. Fox’s current body of photographic work, Unnatural

Megan King

Megan G. King is currently based out of Johnson City, Tennessee where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a BFA in Studio Art from East Tennessee State University. Megan’s series, Hispanic Appalachia, has been featured in several publications including Oxford American’s: Eyes On The South, The Daily Mail, and NPR’s Code Switch. Hispanic