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TJ Tambellini

The Los Angeles based artist, TJ Tambellini, explores photography through sculptural composition and vivid complementing palettes, revealing understated moments in the often inanimate, overly habitual landscapes. TJ’s work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, and has been featured in Printed Pages, Justified, Sentimental Magazine, and Paper Journal. In 2016 released his first photobook, Court Yard,

Evie Metz

Evie Metz is a photographer currently living in Baltimore, Maryland. Through her photographs she disappears behind the cloak of her camera, seeing and recording in a diaristic way. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary disappears, as she photographs portraits of an already existing poetry, often overlooked. Evie’s pictures feel honest and sincere, with a type

Melanie Metz

Melanie Metz, a visual artist born in 1992, resides in South Florida and is working on her BFA at Florida International University. She is primarily a film-based photographer who makes her own c-prints out of a traditional darkroom. Melanie’s work has been featured in publications such as Juxtapoz, Broadly, Lenscratch, and many more. She considers

Joris Hermans

Joris Hermans (b. 1983, Geel, Belgium) is a photographer currently based in Belgium. After graduating in 2008, he started working as a graphic designer and photographer spending several years exploring his photographic interests, slowly growing towards photojournalism and documentary. He has been shooting assignments and personal work extensively in Africa and Asia. Joris’ recent work

Carson Gilliland

Carson Gilliland, twenty-six, was born and currently lives in Sarasota, FL. From a young age, he spent much of the winter camping and hunting in the sticks of Florida. Drawing on those experiences, his love for the night was born. Floating through construction sites, mobile parks, storefronts, alleyways, parking lots, railroad tracks, his work aims to

Michael Adno

Michael Adno is an artist and writer based in New York City, born in Florida as a first generation American. He works as a contributing editor for At Large magazine. His work has appeared in Oxford American, The Surfer’s Journal, Camera Austria, SRQ, Huck, OZY,  and Autre magazines among others. During the last year, he was a fellow at the Jacques

Across State Lines – “Brass Balls & Shopping Malls”

THE UNITED STATES ARE   BEGINNING TO LOOK THE SAME   The United States easily could be separated in to 57 states – give me a permanent marker and I will scratch up some revised state-lines. Splitting up Texas in to a collection of smaller states and, shit, we’ll have not just one but handfuls of states sporting

The Inimitable Otherness of Stacy Kranitz

Today we have the honor of showcasing this article and interview with Stacy Kranitz written and conducted by Michael Adno. Michael is a photographer himself and a very talented writer. I have recently had the opportunity to get to know Michael and his work. You’ll see more of him later on the website. But for

Melissa Kreider

Melissa Kreider (b. 1993) is an MFA student at the University of Iowa and holds a BFA in Photography from the University of Akron. Melissa’s work examines sites of sexual violence against women and how the justice system archives these reports as well as the evidence that is collected. Melissa explores these subjects by traveling

Marcus DeSieno

Marcus DeSieno is a lens-based artist who is interested in how the evolution of photographic technology has changed our relationship to the natural world. Antiquated and obsolescent photographic processes are often combined with contemporary imaging technologies in his work to engage in a critical dialog on the advancement of photography in relation to seeing. DeSieno

Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook is a documentary photographer, photojournalist and photo educator based in his hometown of Philadelphia. He grew up in Mayfair, a working class neighborhood in Northeast Philly. Through his experiences in Philadelphia he has developed a passion to work on long form photographic essays that explore interesting communities, underreported neighborhoods and social issues in